Cork Building Toys (Eccentric)

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* Handmade from Portugal
* Education Value
* 100% sustainable
* Low Noise
* Lightweight / Soft
* Safe play
* Anti-bacterial
* Does not retain moisture and dust
* Versatile
* Suitable for bathroom
* 100% natural

Our Cork toys are offering the child a lot of fun while playing. If it is also produced with our planet in mind, we have done it right. This also requires that all our products are natural and are only processed with materials that do not endanger or burden your child.

Cork granules pressed – cork is a natural material, which is free from pollutants. The product is durable and recyclable. It is produced from renewable raw materials.

The cork is obtained from a FSC certified forestry in Portugal.

Highest industrial standard / 100% anti-allergic / no detectable pollutants (aromas, plasticizes / phosphates, heavy metals).

Unlike wooden toys, for making cork toys, the trees are not chopped, but only the bark of the cork oak is removed. A cork Oak, whose bark is regularly harvested (every 9 years, lifetime of oak tree is 200-300 years) binds more than three times as much Oxygen as an unused cork oak.

Sizes of Pieces:
Total 12 Pieces : (4 x 3'' diameter) + (2 x 2.73'') + (2 x 2.25'') + (2 x 1.9'') + (2 x 1.5'')
Colors can be assorted.

24 months +

Made in Portugal.